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Little-Known Professional Headshot Tips

How to look good in professional photos by minimizing and maximizing your features.

professional headshot tips to look good

Part of what makes us fabulous is that we’re human. We all have a unique beauty and things about ourselves we love. For you, maybe it’s your eyes, or your smile, or that sprinkle of freckles across your nose.

Being human… you may also have a feature (or two) that you don’t like about yourself, or something that you feel doesn’t tend to photograph so well.

This blog will help you to minimize and maximize in all the right places with professional headshot tips that’ll set you up for success and guide you in how to look good in professional photos.

Professional Headshot Tip for Being the Expert You Are

Some of my younger clients come to me telling me that people in their industry don’t take them seriously enough or treat them as the knowledgeable experts they are. People are moving quickly and can judge experience and expertise based on your photo alone, and if you’re young, it can be hard to be taken seriously.

A tip for minimizing the appearance of youth is not to over smile in your headshot photo. You want to still come across as approachable, but smiling with a soft, closed-lip smile can help you to appear more mature and professional.

Make the eyes the focal point and use your eyes to communicate who you are and what you want to portray in your photo.

Professional Headshot Tip for Your Shoulders

Do you feel like you have smallish or rounded shoulders? Or perhaps they’re broad and tend to claim the spotlight in your photos? You can minimize and maximize your shoulders by choosing the right top for your body shape.

If you have small or rounded shoulders, choose a polished, structured blazer. There’s a wide range of styles to choose from including conservative, casual, and everything in between. And lest you think blazers only come in black, blue, and gray these days, don’t be fooled. There are tons of colors and styles to choose from so you can pick one that works well for your brand or company’s requirements.

Pro-tip: A blazer will also naturally improve the appearance of your posture.

If your shoulders are broad or square, choose a rounded, soft shoulder. Raglan sleeves, v-necks, and sweaters tend to make a good choice for those with broader shoulders. The goal is to steer clear of anything that’s overly crisp, embellished at the shoulders, or squared off to help minimize and offer balance.

Professional Headshot Tip for Looking More Vibrant

If you tend to look tired, or less vibrant than you’d like in your headshots, you’ll want to use the opposite of the technique I shared above. A full smile will instantly help you to look more awake, energized, and younger.

Brighter colors can also help to brighten the skin and help you glow with pops of color and high energy!

Professional Headshot Tip for Choosing Colors

The answer is unique to YOU. I always advise my clients to wear colors that work with your complexion. Does your skin look best with warm tones or cool tones? Do you have a brighter glow when you tend towards fall colors or are you best in the pastel and lighter shades that spring offers?

What to wear for your professional headshots

There’s a lot to know about wearing the right colors for you, and I recommend if you’re unsure of what looks best, to schedule a color analysis. Many color stylists offer Zoom sessions as well and can help you pick out the very best looks for you.

My top two recommendations for color stylists are:

If you decide to choose colors without the help of a professional stylist, get a friend (or wrangle in your partner) to help you pick out colors that look best against your skin.

And when you’re done reading this blog, make sure to check out my recent blog, “What to Wear for Headshots” where I walk you through even more attire and accessories tips.

As a headshot photographer, I guide you every step of the way in how to look your best in your professional photos. I’ll share my best advice around what to wear, and how to highlight your favorite features.

I’m committed to helping each and every human get the very best shot!

Ready to get started and look your very best in a headshot? Contact Me!



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