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I Make Online Headshots Easy

The Human Headshots Convenient Process


Once you’ve chosen to work with me for your employee headshots, we’ll have a thorough 20-minute design call with you and/or your team project managers to help us stay true to your company’s style and vibe with each and every headshot. We’ll also talk about backdrops in this meeting. 


Your project manager will be supplied with everything they need to get your team started.


Team members and I meet on Zoom using a laptop or desktop and I’ll guide them and their assistant (a second human) through the details of a photo shoot. 


We discuss phone techniques, styling, and how to find the best natural light and most flattering poses. From there, we start taking test shots! They email these to me, I review them in real-time, and make the necessary adjustments until we get just the right headshot. 


Each session takes about 20-30 minutes and we make our final selections right at the end of the session.


Each headshot is curated and reviewed by a professional photographer. It’s refined and enhanced with extreme attention to detail and edits are made to ensure: 

  • Correct coloring and skin tone 

  • Skin is enhanced and vibrant: Reduction of redness, softening of lines and shine, removal of blemishes.

  • Stray hair and lint on clothing will be removed


Then, a composite background image is added and the finished photos are ready to go from HR/marketing to your new employees and team members. 


Project Managers love being the hero and delivering their organization’s specialized photos and an experience that makes the whole team feel like the valuable humans they are.

“Stephanie worked with Urban Grid's executive team to do a series of corporate headshots for our website. Working through ZOOM, across a large team. The final results were nothing less than phenomenal. She was professional, efficient. and fun to work with. Urban Grid will definitely use Stephanie Rosseel for future projects and I can highly recommend her to other companies who need professional photography.”


- Blair Kendall,SVP

Urban Grid

Man candid online headshot

PNG transparency headshot

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