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Going Beyond Virtual Business Headshots

Meet the Human Behind the Headshots

Stephanie Rosseel owner of human headshots

Hi! My name is Stephanie Rosseel and I’m the human behind your virtual business headshots!

I find joy in helping your team get headshots they feel good about and are proud to be their face forward. 


What sets me apart from other business headshot companies is my hands-on and engaging approach, my one-to-one coaching, and my extensive professional photography background. 


With my experienced eye, I make critical live-time decisions during each headshot session and ensure we get the right shot. 


I’m there to guarantee the best possible lighting and the most flattering poses. I assist with getting the best camera angles, and height, and show your employees how to adjust hair and clothing for the best look. 


I frequently hear clients share how surprised they are by all the details I see during their session and what a big impact micro adjustments can make.

“Details Create the Big Picture”

- Sanford I. Weill

My clients love my unique and human approach because it results in:

  • Consistently excellent business headshots 

  • Zero reshoots 

  • Individualized retouches and composite backgrounds 

  • More confidence and self-esteem for your employees 

  • Painless, efficient sessions that support the entire team 

  • A highly enjoyable experience! 

My clients seek me out for my extensive professional expertise and eye for detail, and love working with a human (not an app). 


There’s a lot of nuance to taking a great headshot! I’m here to ensure you get the very BEST image possible to represent your team members and company. 

The Story Behind Human Headshots 

Like many, I have a pandemic pivot story that changed the course of my life. After 20 years as a professional photographer, the pandemic forced me to pause from helping business owners, in- person, with branding and architectural photos.

One evening during the national lock down, I was on a Zoom call with my niece who lives in North Carolina. Now 26 years old, I’ve photographed her since she was a baby. On that particular night, I happened to notice a large photo on the wall behind her that I’d taken of her when she was five years old. I jokingly remarked she should pose like her five-year-old self and I’d take a screenshot. 

She obliged me, and after a good laugh, something clicked. (I know it’s normal for things to click when you’re a photographer, but I mean, something really clicked.) 


My niece posing like her younger self in the photo on the wall behind her.

With the spark of an idea, I started offering screenshot-style brand portraits for women entrepreneurs. It was a very niche approach and a perfect testing ground for what I wanted to create. After many months and over a hundred virtual sessions, I started developing a more refined process for corporate brands. I was ready to offer my services on a larger scale and began working with corporations virtually to provide them with stunning images and the most convenient headshot solution available. 


And with that, Human Headshots was born!

Ready to work with a knowledgeable, skilled, and creative human to get outstanding business headshots for your team?

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