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Four Tips to Feel More Relaxed for Your Headshot Session

How to take better headshots by keeping calm.

how to take better headshots

Despite a camera being in nearly everyone’s pocket, and our culture’s modern obsession with documenting their lives in photo on Instagram… many people are actually camera shy. And when it comes to getting a headshot or their photos taken, they often share with me that they feel insecure, nervous, and unsure of what to expect.

Being camera shy or nervous to get your photo taken is normal and if you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone. As a headshot photographer, one of my many secrets to getting such great results for my clients is my ability to help people feel less nervous about their headshot session.

I believe that keeping calm is key to taking a better headshot. This blog will give you four tips on how to feel more comfortable and less nervous about your headshot session, so you can show up relaxed and give a confident smile.

How to Take Better Headshots by Keeping Calm

1. Prepare with Practice

One small thing that can go a really long way, and you can do entirely by yourself, is to prepare for your session by practicing posing. Think of a famous actor you identify with in terms of personality and style and start Googling. Actors are the picture perfect role model for showing us how it’s done because they’ve done hundreds of photo sessions and get coaching along the way to know how to pose and move their bodies to get the best angle. Put on your favorite playlist, and practice, practice, practice!

2. Communicate

As a headshot photographer, I naturally step in to help you relax and enjoy the process. I provide a supportive and caring environment where you can feel comfortable. I can help even more if you share openly with me and communicate anything you’re feeling nervous or self-conscious about. I can help to better guide you through simple poses that will mitigate the issues you’re concerned about.

You can also rest-assured knowing I’m on your team. I’m there to guarantee we get great lighting, the most flattering poses, and the right camera angles to bring out your very best look!

3. Choose Your Attire Ahead of Time

There’s nothing more stressful than trying to choose your outfit the day of your headshot session, or discovering that the shirt you were going to wear still has a coffee stain on it (oops, meant to get that dry-cleaned last week). By choosing your attire ahead of time, you’ll be more relaxed and have less to do on the day of your session. Check your outfit choices for wrinkles, stains, and pick clothing that’s comfortable and reflects you or your employer’s brand.

Wondering what to wear? Check out my blog “What to Wear for Headshots” here where I go through three categories of attire, what to consider when picking your outfit, and what on earth business casual means nowadays.

4. Bring a Friend

Asking a friend along to join you for your headshot session can help to ground you and make you feel more relaxed. They can also inspire confidence, offer positive encouragement, and help you have more fun! Make sure to choose your companion wisely. You don’t want someone who will interfere with your photographer’s guidance, but instead someone who will be there to help you feel more comfortable being yourself.

As a professional headshot photographer, I guide my clients every step of the way in how to take better headshots, and ensure that you look and feel your best!

I make the critical live-time decisions that help to ensure we get the right shot. And my aim is to have you smiling confidently every step of the way for an impactful final result.

Ready to get started and look your very best in a headshot? Contact Me!



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