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3 Professional Headshot Tips that’ll Improve Your Photos Drastically

Look your best in your next headshot with these professional tips!

These are my three professional headshot tips to help you look your best in your next corporate or business photo!

I often see clients making the same mistakes when it comes to their headshots, and my goal in writing this blog with headshot tips is to help save you from doing the same!

Professional Headshot Tip #1) Clothes and Grooming

Your clothes and hair are important for the outcome of your headshot and the overall look and feel of your professional photo.

In choosing your clothing, check out my “What to Wear for Headshots blog HERE” where I give you things to consider when it comes to choosing colors, layering, and how formal or casual you dress.

You want to wear clothing that expresses your personality and still looks professional. Many of my clients choose colors such as: black, white, gray, navy, muted earth tones, or jewel tones. I always recommend you avoid busy, large, and intricate patterns. Avoid colors that clash with your skin tone or make you appear washed out or ruddy.

If you’re overwhelmed with clothing decisions, you might consider working with an image consultant for a quick session. Most stylists are offering virtual appointments now.

Here are two consultants I’ve worked with:

Total Image Consultants

Lass Wardrobe

Choose a color that complements your skin color, eyes, and hair and makes you feel your best!

Make sure your clothing is ironed or pressed, and don’t be afraid of layering such as sporting a blazer over a dress shirt, sweater over a dress shirt, or a blazer over a cami.

Onto the hair…

A modern and recent haircut is a good idea for men and women alike. If you’re planning a haircut prior to your session make sure to schedule it at least ten days prior to your session. I don’t recommend making any drastic changes to your hairstyle prior to your shoot. Experiment with the purple hair dye and bangs after the fact :)

Should I Get my Eyebrows Waxed Before My Headshots!?

This is for those with beards, mustaches, eyebrows, and any other facial hair you pluck, shave, or wax.

For the shavers: avoid shaving at least three hours prior to your headshot session. I also recommend not getting your haircut and a close shave in the same week - you might not like it or there may be an adaptation period where you’re getting used to styling it the way you like it.

For the waxing and plucking type: Don’t wax eyebrows, mustaches, chins, or really any part of your face within three days of your session.

Professional Headshot Tip #2) Prepare for Your Headshot

I’m not here to make dietary or lifestyle recommendations, but I do know that when you’re well-rested, hydrated, and eating healthy, your headshots will look better!

My best advice is to drink plenty of water the week before your professional headshot session, avoid alcohol, fried, and excessively salty food, and get good sleep!

These are the simplest things you can do to ensure your complexion is clearer and you’re skin looks healthy and bright.

Professional Headshot Tip #3) The Secret Sauce

A great headshot session with me consists of the perfect blend of considering your appearance, preparing for your headshot, and the many nuances therein that I help you with such as:

  • Posing

  • Lighting

  • Styling

  • Expression

  • Camera angles, height, and settings

And once you have all of these ingredients, the secret sauce is the test shot!

This is where I step in and guide you throughout your professional headshot session!

I want to ensure you look and feel your best and I’ll provide my best advice and professional tips around what to wear and how to prepare for your business headshot!

Once our session is booked, we take that magical test shot, and then I work with you closely to make critical live-time decisions and ensure we get the right shot.

Ready to get started and look your very best in a headshot? Contact Me!


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