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Techniques for a Modern Headshot Vibe

Headshots are more than just a simple snapshot of a person's face. They are a reflection of personality, professionalism, and style. As trends in headshot photography evolve, so do the techniques used to capture modern and captivating headshots. In this blog, We’ll explore easy ways to make headshots look more modern, from creative cropping to playing with colors and composition.

horizontal modern headshot of woman with bright pop of color

Horizontal crop for a contemporary feel: One of the simplest yet effective ways to modernize your headshot is by opting for a horizontal crop. Traditional headshots are often shot in a vertical format, but horizontal crops can lend a fresh and unconventional look to your portraits. This approach provides more space to work with, allowing you to capture unique compositions and backgrounds, resulting in a headshot that stands out.

Pano Crop: Embrace the Panoramic Perspective: A panoramic crop is another excellent choice to give your headshots a modern twist. This technique is one of the more dramatic crops and allows you to capture a wider view, incorporating the surroundings to create a more immersive and storytelling portrait. Dramatic compositions are achieved by posing the person very off center of the frame.

Black and White vs. Color: The Timeless Debate: Modernize your headshots by experimenting with both options. Black and white portraits can exude timelessness and a sense of intimacy, as well as visual unity for a group. Color photos add vibrancy and a different lively personality.

Bright Pop of Color Backgrounds: Injecting a burst of color into your headshots can instantly make them more modern and lend a creative edge. Utilize brightly colored backgrounds that contrast with the subject’s attire. This pop of color not only adds visual interest and drama, but also highlights the subject, making them the focal point of the image.

Headshot photography is an art form that continuously evolves. You can breathe new life into your headshots and create modern portraits when you work with a professional headshot photographer. There are no strict rules in photography, feel free to blend some of these techniques. When you work with Human Headshots, you will have the opportunity to address visual ideas and your brand vision in a Zoom design meeting. Contact me HERE to get started!



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