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Photographers Assistant

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Human Headshots is looking for an assistant with a headshot or portrait photography background. This role requires the ability to direct/coach online photo sessions via Zoom. This role requires the keen eye of a photographer and someone who has the maturity and confidence to direct people, including CEO's, and other busy and important clients, within a 30 minute time constraint. This is a deadline driven position and requires extreme attention to detail and organization. To perform this role successfully, the candidate is expected to meet deadlines, keep track of several client jobs at once, and work closely with owner, Stephanie Rosseel.

  • Part-time Remote ~ This position is tracked on a per session basis. Sessions are 30 minutes long, but usually take only 20 minutes per person. 8 sessions per week to start. This would be broken up to two days, with 4 sessions on each day: also a separate 30 minute Zoom meeting with owner 1x a week. 

  • Pay is per sessions completed each week (8 to start). Pay commensurate with experience.

  • Possibility for additional hours in the future.

  • What Will I Need for my Online Headshot Session?
    Each online headshot session requires only three things: Someone else to take your photos with a cell phone, a bright window with indirect light, and Me!: to help direct and guide your entire session. Everything you need will be included in your onboarding package so you know exactly how to prep your team.
  • How Much Do Online Professional Headshots Cost?
    My online headshot session fee includes a detailed intake process, a 20-minute design consultation, an email you can easily copy and paste to provide your team with instructions and details, and 30 minute sessions for each person. I provide a hands-on experience every step of the way as well as complete state-of-the-art retouching and composite backgrounds. The cost is between $99 - $145 per person depending on group size and additional items (ie. png files, etc.) Contact me for a custom quote.
  • Is There an Additional Fee for a PNG?
    A PNG file allows the backdrop of your photo to be transparent so the headshot can be placed onto another background by your design or marketing team. These are available for an additional fee of $10 per PNG file.
  • What Do I Wear for Professional Headshots?
    I guide your team members and employees through clothing choices depending on company requirements and needs.
  • Can a Cell Phone Really Look as Good as a Photo Taken by a Photographer?
    Yes! cell phones manufactured within the past four years have incredible technology and take amazing photos. Your cell phone camera is set to take high-resolution photos. I guide you in using natural light, posing, and other micro adjustments needed as we go so you get a professional look every time.
  • Can We Get Online Headshots for Ongoing New Hires?
    I love working with companies as they build their teams. As new hires book their headshots, I’ll ensure the same look and feel no matter when they join your team.
  • How Do We Get Started?
    Getting started is easy! Contact me HERE and let me know about your company’s online headshot needs. I’ll take it from there.


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